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Caravan And Camping Bedding For Kids

A camping trip is a nice way for your child to discover nature, and to experience how it is to sleep away from home. However, you need to take into consideration that children do not adapt as quickly as adults to new environments and conditions, especially when it comes to sleeping. If kids don’t sleep well, you don’t sleep well and that just leads to a family of grumpy people the next day. So, what type of bedding is the most suitable for kids while camping?

Depending on the age of your child, you can choose from different bedding options. So, if your kid is between the age of 2 and above, you can opt for foam pads, foldable beds, air mattresses, or even a sleeping bag. If you are taking a baby or toddler with you, then you will need something like a portable cot or ready bed.

Taking your child camping is a great and joyful experience, both for you and your kid. However, you need to consider the circumstances in which your child will sleep while camping since they need to be comfortable during the night. In this article, we’ve have included different types of bedding options suitable for various ages, so you can determine what will work for your kid the best without spoiling the adventure.

Easy Bedding For Kids Camping

When it comes to choosing the right type of bedding for your child while camping, you should know that age plays an important factor. This means that you might need to choose the appropriate bedding according to your child’s age. Children of different ages have different requirements, so you have to be careful in your choice in order to make sure that your child will be comfortable during the night and have a good night’s sleep.

As mentioned before, there are different types of beds that can be used for children while camping. We’ve included some of the most popular, so you can know what to look for. So, if your child is between the ages 2 and 6, you can consider the following bedding types as suitable options:

  • Foam mats – Also known as camp or swag mats, like these ones, are mats that do not require inflation, but they are quite comfortable and soft considering they are made of foam. You can choose from different levels of thickness, depending on whether you are going to use them inside a caravan or tent. They are easily rolled, meaning that you can find space to store them without taking up too much room.
  • Air mattresses – these are the most convenient and arguably the most comfortable bedding options but they need inflation. If your child sleeps on an air mattress, you will be sure that they are going to feel cozy and warm throughout the whole night. However, you will need to use a pump in order to inflate them. Air mattresses come in different sizes and thicknesses so you can find one to suit your space and comfort.
  • Foldable beds and stretchers – Stretchers are a great choice for kids as it is almost like sleeping on  an actual bed. These beds are convenient because they are made of an aluminum frame with a flat sleeping surface, that can have a mattress put on top, or just sleep on it as it comes. Their mechanisms work similar to a camping chair in that they can be folded away for easy storage. This means that you can use these beds with simplicity and be sure that your children are sleeping comfortably.

The added benefit of stretchers are that your kids are off the ground, giving better air flow when its warm, and less cold seeping in from underneath when it’s not. If you’re short on space you can also get bunk stretchers, allowing two kids to sleep bunk style.

Extra Bedding Accessories For Kids Camping

The surface where your child is going to sleep is the most important thing that needs consideration. However, you also need to think about the additional things you are going to need so they will really feel comfy and relaxed during the whole night.

Make sure that you take some pillows to ensure a soft surface where your kid is going to place their head. If you buy a pillow specific for camping trips, ensure it is the same or as similar as possible to the one your kids use at home. Also, remember to take some sheets. Even though your child might sleep in a sleeping bag, it is wise to have the surface on which they sleep covered. This will ensure that the mattress will stay clean, they won’t feel any roughness from the mattress they are on and your kid will be warmer through the night.

Can Kids Use A Sleeping Bag?

There are sleeping bags that are designed specifically for children, i.e there are different sizes from which you can choose to fit the height of your child. When you choose the right size of sleeping bag for your child, you will make sure that they are warm throughout the whole night. A sleeping bag is the best option that will keep you at peace, so you will not worry whether your child is cold or not.

On the other hand, if you are going camping with babies and toddlers, you might need some different solutions, since a kids sleeping bag will not do the trick do to safety concerns. So, if you are camping with a baby up to 2-year-old, you should consider taking some kind of bed, such as a porta cot or travel bassinet where your child will be able to safely spend the night. For babies, foldable travel bassinets are a great idea, as you can also take them with you for day naps if you’re out and about, and some even come with mosquito nets to keep the bugs away.


These are types of beds that are easily transportable and the perfect kind of bedding younger kids need while camping. They are actually air beds with an included zip up top, which will make sure that your child will stay in bed the whole night. They will also be warm, so you do not have to worry about the temperatures.

These types of beds are generally made for younger kids, so are shorter than regular air mattresses. Which means eventually they will need another bed once they get too tall.

Our eldest on a kids air bed. Apparently the bed is better than a pillow.

Kids AirBed

This is a regular air bed with raised sides, so your toddler will stay in place for the whole night. It’s also good for kids that have a tendency to roll out of bed. However, it does not come with a cover, so you will need to take a sleeping bag or additional blankets, to make sure that your toddler is warm during the whole night. As they are made for kids, they also tend to be shorter so are good for the 2 – 7 year age bracket, depending on how tall your child is.

As you can see that there are many options to ensure that your kids can spend the night in nature warm and comfortably, and there are various choices to suit your needs. So enjoy your time away, knowing you’ll have happy kids in the morning who’ve had enough sleep (as well as you).

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