how to stop mosquitoes while camping

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping.

Mosquitos are probably everyone’s least favourite thing about camping. They can be really annoying and spoil your camping adventure. Especially if you are like our daughter, who puffs up as soon as she is bitten, requiring a magnitude of antihistamines in our first aid kit. So, how can you keep mosquitoes away while camping?

To keep away the mosquitoes and other bugs and insects while camping, you should plan ahead and wear the right protective gear. Make sure that you take insect repellent and put a mosquito net at the front of your tent. Also, ensure to stay away from stagnant water surfaces, i.e. stay in a dry environment.

In order to make sure that you will have a nice and pleasant time while camping, you need to be prepared for everything, including mosquitoes. These annoying little creatures can really spoil your camping trip if you are not ready to keep them away from you. Therefore, we have included some tips and methods that will help you avoid them and enjoy a bug-free camping adventure.

How do I keep mosquitoes away when camping?

Camping is a lot of fun and nature is beautiful. However, you also need to take into consideration that nature includes a lot of insects that might be really annoying. Therefore, you need to think about the proper equipment that will keep you safe while in nature.

One of the most annoying kinds of insects are mosquitoes, and they can truly ruin your camping if you do not prepare yourself appropriately. They can also carry and transmit a variety of diseases, so it is much better to prevent being bitten. Below, I have included some methods that will keep you away from these annoying creatures and will make sure that your trip will be relaxing as that is its main point.

Neutralize your scent

You have probably heard that some people are naturally more attractive to mosquitoes, and this is due to their natural scent. This is generally related to genetics that people carry, so there are no rules on who is going to be more attractive to these annoying insects, and not really much you can do to change the way your body genetically produces odors. However, there are a few things you can do so you won’t be quite as appealing, like ensuring you are not wearing strong smells.

Make sure that you are keeping your feet clean. Studies have shown that one type of mosquito in particular is attracted to foot odour. This means that if you are onto your third day of wearing the same socks, don’t be surprised to find mosquitos attacking your ankles. Keeping your feet clean and odour free can be a way to discourage those mozzies.

Use bug spray or insect repellent

Female mosquitoes feed on blood to get the protein they need to make their eggs. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breath out first and then the smell of our skin. These two things combined tell them where to land for a bite. Insect repellant works by masking these things so that the mosquito can’t figure out that you are their next feed.

Ensure that you are applying repellent over all exposed areas of skin, applying an even coat as mozzies can located places you missed. Read the instructions on your particular repellent to find out how long you need before you have to reapply as it will vary. And always make sure you are applying repellent to your children yourself, instead of letting them put it on.  

Set up your camp in a dry environment

Mosquitoes tend to go to an area that is humid and where water is present. This means that you would need to do the exact opposite in order to avoid them at all costs. Make sure that you find a spot that is not close to water, especially stagnant (not moving) water. Setting up next to the lake might look pretty, but it is a haven for mosquitoes.

Flowing water is not as much of a problem. Mosquitoes prefer not to lay their eggs in water such as a river, as flowing water may push them downstream or damage them. However, stagnant water such as large puddles, dams or lakes would be an issue. Stay away from this kind of area because your camping might quickly turn into a nightmare. And if you really want to set up near water, then make sure to protect yourself in other ways.

Use insect protection around your camp

Beyond personal insect repellent, there is a variety of protection you can use to discourage or get rid of unwanted mosquitoes and insects. Powered bug zappers work by attracting insects with a light and then zapping them when they land on it. Citronella candles, mosquito coils and repellent burners work by putting out a scent that repels mosquitoes or confuses them so they can’t detect you.

Our favourite at the moment is the Thermacell portable mosquito repelling device. It is a mini butane burner that emits insect repellent. We tried it when we last went camping and didn’t see any mosquitoes when we were sitting under our awning with it on.

Put Up A Net At The Front Of Your Tent

Although camping involves a lot of activities done outside, you will still sleep for the whole night in your tent. The point of camping is to relax and have a peaceful night and rest. However, if mosquitoes find you, there is a good chance that you can forget about peace and rest.

Therefore, a good option would be using a net a the entrance of your tent. This way mosquitoes will be kept away throughout the whole night. Also, do not forget to put up the net every time you leave your tent because you never know when these annoying creatures can find their way inside.

Put a net over your bed

If your getting bitten while you’re asleep and can’t work out where they are coming in from, then get an extra layer of protection by putting a mosquito net over your bed. You will need a point to hang it up from, but they are an easy way to keep mosquitoes off you while you sleep.

Make A Campfire

Mosquitoes are fond of scents, but they run away from fire and smoke. That is why it would be smart to make a campfire and enjoy your camping without any bugs around you. Fire is not only good for keeping the insects away, but also some bigger animals that might live in the proximity of your campsite.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Firstly, staying hydrated is of crucial importance for staying safe in nature, especially on hot days. Nonetheless, staying hydrated is also important to keep your body cool rather than sweaty and sticky. Mosquitoes get attracted to sticky and sweaty skin, so they will easily find their way to your skin and make your day miserable and scratchy.

If you really want to enjoy your time out in nature, then it is recommended that you are fully prepared. Although you need to think more about the equipment that you are going to need for the whole day, make sure that you do not forget about the bugs and insects that can make your camping unbearable.

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