are caravan covers worth it

Should I Use A Caravan Cover?

Caravans (and camper trailers) can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over one hundred thousand. Purchasing a caravan means that you have made a significant investment, and in order to make that investment worth it, you need to think about certain protective measures that you can take. You will want to keep your caravan protected and in a good condition for a long time, and one thing that you would likely think of is a cover. Should you use a caravan cover, and is it worth it?

Using a cover for your caravan is a wise decision, and it will totally be worth your money. Namely, a good cover can protect your caravan from rain and other elements and weather changes. Also, it will protect it from UV fading as well as scratches, so your caravan will be shiny for a long time.

In this article, we have discussed the main purpose of caravan covers and whether or not they are useful in the protection of your vehicle. We have also listed some of the best caravan covers, so you would know what to look for. Purchasing a caravan cover is a really good and smart investment for your caravan, and you will definitely not regret it.

Why Use A Caravan Cover?

Firstly, it is important to point out that purchasing a caravan is not an easy decision since these kinds of vehicles are usually quite expensive. Therefore, keeping them protected and in a good condition is of crucial importance. Not only for keeping your caravan in the best condition while you are using it, but also to get the best price possible if you want to sell it again down the road. For this purpose, it is a good idea to use a cover since it will really make a difference for your caravan.

I would say that buying a caravan cover would be the best decision you can make concerning your vehicle, and you should stop hesitating right now. Here are our reasons why you should just go out and get the protection your van needs.

Your caravan will stay dry

Rain and weather might be the biggest enemy to parked vehicles, especially in periods when they are getting constantly wet. You might think these vehicles are made to be resistant to rain and water, so why you would need a cover. However, over time, rain can really make some changes in the structure and the materials of your caravan. Caravan covers can protect them from rail, hail and even snow.

Even though they are made of strong materials, being subjected to rain or having water pool on the top of your caravan for a long time will eventually affect the caravans coating and seals, and you should really not take that risk. When you put a cover over your caravan, you can rest assured that your vehicle will stay dry and safe even during the heaviest showers. A good caravan cover will also be slightly padded, protecting it from small hail or sticks during storms.

Your caravan will be protected from dirt

When your caravan stays parked and unused for a long time, it can capture and absorb a lot of dirt from the weather changes and the elements. This can affect its outer look, even though you might think that a thorough cleaning will help. However, the dirt from outside can get deep inside the caravan parts, and regular cleaning will not be of any help.

What is more, when using a cover your caravan will stay clean for a long time, and each time you plan to drive it, you will not have to clean it all over again. In other words, a caravan cover in this case would be useful, but also quite practical. You can protect your vehicle, but you will also save time.

Your caravan will be protected from UV fading

Sun can also be a great enemy to your caravan, especially UV rays. They can really affect the paintwork of your caravan, but they can also inflict some damage to the seals of the windows and doors. In addition, severe heat might also cause some damage to the exterior bodywork of your caravan.

If your caravan can’t be kept under cover out of the sun, a good cover will offer great protection in a simple way. It is a convenient solution when you do not have any other way to get your caravan away from the sun.

Your caravan will be secure

Although not as common as car theft, caravan theft does happen. However, when you have a good cover, it would be more difficult for potential thieves to plan some kind of hijack. In addition, you will sleep peacefully without worrying about your parked caravan outside.

Best caravan covers

Since there are so many choices out there, it might be overwhelming to pick one from the bunch. This can be even more difficult if you are a beginner with caravans, and you do not know how to use or take care of them properly. However, there are two popular brand in Australia and you will generally not make a mistake if you pick a caravan cover from the following:

When it comes to picking the right cover, you should take certain things into consideration. You should not go for the first one you see, or the most expensive one assuming that is the best one. The price might play part in the features of a caravan cover, but it is not a crucial factor. It is a good idea to look at a site like Caravan RV Camping who showcase many different caravan covers to get a feel for what is available.

If you are about to purchase a cover for your caravan consider the following things:

  • Proper size of the cover, so it would cover the whole caravan from top to bottom and the whole length. Caravan covers, like caravans, come in different lengths so ensure you get one that matches your van.
  • Resistant materials, so weather changes and elements would not damage it. Look for one that is weather resistant, has a protective top panel, protects from UV and breathable fabric.
  • Reasonable price – there are some variations, but you should compare the prices and see what deals are really worth it.

It’s super important to go for a suitable cover for your caravan. This kind of investment would definitely be beneficial and worth it for your caravan, not only for the enjoyment of your van now, but the potential resale value of your van later if you ever want to sell.

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