Away Seaboat is made up of Brett and Robyn Ridley, along with our two kids, 6 year old Quinn and 4 year old Paige.

We were brought up on camping. Brett being dragged around the east coast of Australia camping as a kid, and Robyn on the west coast. We both have some great memories with our families and hope our kids will have the same. We also have a long-standing argument over whether the sun should rise or set over the ocean (and it’s Robyn writing this, so it should set).

Camping has changed a lot over the years. Our kids are doing it in a vastly different way than we did, but the principles are the same. Piling in the car, getting out to some amazing places around our country and spending time together as a family.

Who we are:

Brett grew up in country NSW, getting into all the mischief that a boy in the county can do. When he was 19 he joined the Navy, and spent 15 years travelling the world in a boat. Leaving the navy 7 years ago, as he did not want to be away from the family when starting to have children, he has settled into life as a civilian well, and enjoys the ability to plan weekend trips now without too much fuss.

Travelling much of the east coast as a child camping with his family, including all the way up to Cape York, he loves travelling in the bush, 4-wheel driving and spending time with his girls.

Away Seaboat about us

Robyn grew up in Perth and spent every winter school holidays travelling to the north of WA on camping trips. Moving to Melbourne when she was 21, she lived there for 6 years before moving to Sydney in 2010 for love after meeting Brett (awwww). She’s a dual Olympian and 3 times Commonwealth Games representative for Australia and also runs Work At Home Mums, a website for people wanting more flexibility in their work life.

Quinn is a red-headed 6-year-old who does not stop talking. She loves Frozen, dancing and drawing. She wants to be a doctor, vet and dance teacher when she grows up (all at the same time apparently) but would also like to be a Power Ranger and a YouTube star.

Paige is a feisty red head with attitude, but we would not have her any other way. She loves Frozen, Trolls and riding her bike. She happily blazes her way through life and we can’t wait to see what she makes of it.

Away Seaboat

The name Away Seaboat comes from when a boat is sent off from a Navy ship on mission, they will yell “away seaboat” to let everyone know the boat is leaving ‘home’. An apt term for this previously naval family going on adventures.