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  • Useful Apps for Camping, Caravanning and Travelling Australia
    When travelling, it’s important to have up to date information on the places you are going, especially if you are somewhere remote. Technology has allowed us to be so much more versatile with regards to the information available. No longer do you need to have tonnes of books and maps taking up room in the … Read more
  • 34 Caravanning Tips for Beginners (or not so beginners)
    Caravanning and camping is an amazing way to holiday as it gives you so many options. You can see so much of the country by travelling every day or stay put for a week. Stay somewhere completely away from others off grid, at a caravan park with 5 star amenities and water slides or anywhere … Read more
  • Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware
    Cast Iron pans are an excellent choice when it comes to cooking and are especially useful when you’re away camping and you’re looking to create a tasty meal around the campfire. However, when it comes to seasoning your cherished cast iron cookware, it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. To season a cast … Read more
  • Review: Big 4 Ingenia Holiday Park, Bonny Hills NSW
    Time of stay: September 2022 Overall For our latest camping adventure we went to a town called Bonny Hills in NSW, about 20min south of Port Macquarie. The caravan park is located next to the beach in a quiet area. We stayed for 2 nights and stayed with friends, all with kids. We had booked … Read more
  • Composting Vs Cassette Toilet for a Caravan
    Thousands of families go travelling every week in a caravan. The caravan and camper market is booming as many so many people are discovering the joys of exploring the country by road. One of the major benefits of travelling with a caravan is the ability to have a bathroom – no more public toilets! As … Read more
  • The Best Clotheslines For Hanging Clothes In A Caravan
    Traveling by caravan can be fun and adventurous, but you need to remember that this vehicle is your home for the time you spend on your journey. This means that you have to think about everything, including how you will do you washing while on the road. So, how do you hang clothes when traveling, … Read more
  • Is It Safe To Go Camping In Australia?
    If you are an adventurous type of person and looking for your next adventure, then you have probably considered travelling Australia as an option. This country is full of astonishing places and amazing wildlife, and camping is an unforgettable experience. However, is it safe to go camping in Australia, and should you even consider it … Read more
  • How To Take Your Bicycle With You On A Camping Holiday
    If you are a real bike fan and your daily physical activity is cycling, or you have kids you want to keep entertained, then you will probably want to take your bicycle on a camping holiday. However, a bike is not a small thing that you can just pack in your bag, meaning you have … Read more

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Away Seaboat is made up of Brett and Robyn along with their two kids Quinn and Paige.

We were brought up on camping and have some great memories with out families and hope our kids will have the same.

Coming from opposite sides of Australia, we also have a long standing argument over whether the sun should rise or set over the ocean.

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